If you would like to:

  • Serve quality loose-leaf tea¬†at your cafe or restaurant
  • Explore cooking and baking with tea for retail sales
  • Offer locally owned loose-leaf tea brand to your store shelves
  • Satisfy the customer population that does not drink alcohol and wants a quality beverage
  • Improve your beverage sales (how many people just drink water because they don’t care for your tea?)

please contact Kateri via phone 314 477 8516 or email info @ traveling-tea.com


Why let Traveling Tea supply your restaurant or cafe?

  • We are 100% local, not a franchise
  • 70-80 flavors/varieties to choose from
  • No order minimums, so you can have variety at an affordable price
  • 85-90% of our offerings are certified organic
  • Delivery usually within 2-3 days of order, sometimes we can even deliver within 24 hours

and, most importantly…..It makes your tea drinking customers extremely happy