About Traveling Tea

Traveling Tea started as “traveling tea shop” at St. Louis Community Farmers’ Market and Tower Grove Farmers’ Market.  In May 2013 we opened a “brick and mortar” location at 2707 Sutton Blvd in Maplewood, MO 63143, where we sell ALL our available teas, tea brewing accessories, and make cups of tea “to go” – including tea lattes, creamy chai (with sweetened condensed milk), and “cream tea”…tea infused in directly in coconut milk making a creamy, rich, satisfying brew.

At our first market we had 12 different tea varieties/flavors.  Now, in 2016 carrying nearly 100 black, green, white, oolong, puehr, and herbal teas and blends.  Approximately 90% of our selection is organic, and around 25% of that is Fair Trade or Direct Trade (meaning the workers are better able to make a living).  We also have at least a dozen of our own custom blends.

Traveling Tea is 100% locally owned and operated by Kateri Meyer as a division of Nature’s Notion, LLC

It is Not a franchise.  Traveling Tea was nurtured and “given birth to” by Kateri Meyer in December of 2008

We specialize in making the highest quality looseleaf teas affordable to all – you can purchase as little as 1 cup worth (in our trial sizes) or as much as a pound (by pre-ordering) – and various sizes in-between 1 oz, 2 oz, 4 oz.  You CAN enjoy variety without overstocking your pantry with teas you don’t drink regularly.

While Nature’s Notion has been around for several years (see www.naturesnotion.com), Traveling Tea is a new “branch” of the business.  It is still plant related though, and I believe the spirits of camellia sinensis guided me to this point so I could reach greater numbers of people with its marvelous properties.

I kept wanting to see a good tea shop in St. Louis and when I would mention it to others, they would say “Why don’t you start one”.  So, here we are – going into our 8th year (in 2016) selling tea at the farmers markets at Washington University (1st & 3rd Thursdays) and in the Tower Grove area.

We offer in-home or on-site tea tasting parties (have done several for church and library groups), as well as providing freshly brewed tea at other public venues and events.  Please consider us when planning weddings and social gatherings of all sorts.

I look forward to meeting you somewhere in my travels.

Kateri can be contacted at kateri@traveling-tea. com, or by calling 314  647 TTEA (8832)