Shop Finally OPEN!

BeginningsFINALLY. I guess it always takes about 2 months longer and at least 25% more $ than you expect it to.


From this and this


to these!

  AND – We’ve got a great staff to assist you wherever we are!

Now we can get back to stocking teas and accessories, and coming up with more ways to help you Share Good Times with Good Tea.




Shop Status – Take 3

Sinks are delivered, plumber scheduled for next week.  Extra electric has been installed to handle busy brewing needs.  We still need a wall separating food prep from walkway to bathroom, and I have to finish painting the floor.

Have hired some extra staff, and wonder of wonders, they can all get together at the same time for a tea sampling and orientation!

Our target OPEN date right now is Tuesday 5/14…..Taste of Maplewood is Sat 5/18, and we really want to be open for you then – as a respite from crowds and heat or chill with a refreshing cup of tea.

Maplewood Chamber of Commerce has scheduled our ribbon cutting for Tues 5/21 at 5:15 pm – Please join us for that!

Meanwhile – the “tea shop that travels” will be at opening day of Tower Grove Farmers Market on Sat 5/4 from 8:00 am-2:00 pm with some new brewing options, and perhaps a new flavor of tea to refresh you!

Looking forward to Sharing Good Tea with our friends – both old and new!

Shop Status Update

Though we are not yet officially open, yesterday was our first event in our new shop location at 2707 Sutton Blvd in Maplewood – The 4th Annual Maplewood Coffee Crawl [I always forget to take pictures!!]


600 people were registered, and I know we saw many of you!  The flow of tea sampling was pretty constant from 8:15-12:30.  THANK YOU!  and thank you SO much for your warm welcome to the neighborhood.

We are still waiting for installation of sinks, and have some finish painting etc to complete, as well as final inspections.

We’ll be sending out an email as well as updating Facebook and Twitter as opening day gets close.


In the meantime, look for us in the Farmers Market area at Earthday by the Muny in Forest Park on Sunday 4/21

AND/OR attend our food and tea pairing at Something Elegant Catering on Tuesday 4/16.  Tea/Food Pairing event details

Attendance is limited to 25 guests and we are more than half full at this point – so don’t delay.  Recipes and tips for cooking with tea will be shared freely.  Call me or email to reserve your spot  314 477 8516 or kateri @ traveling-tea (dot) com

[Click on the image to open in new window and enlarge so it is readable]

New shop – 2707 Sutton Blvd – Maplewood

3/26/13 – Update

We are about 95% finished with painting the walls. Plumber has installed floor drain and roughed in the drains. Sinks are ordered.
We WILL be serving tea samples at the Maplewood Coffee Crawl on Sat April 6, 8am-1pm. Full open and able to sell date is yet to be determined.


We hope some of you can join us at Something Elegant Catering, 2200 Yale Avenue Maplewood on Tues 4/16 for tea and food pairing. 3 course tasting with cocktails & mocktails + truffles from Oh Sheila! Limited to 25 guests, $30/person Reservations required – Call 314-781-7722

I welcomed Home Wine Kitchen to the Traveling Tea Service family, and FORGOT to also Welcome Pie Oh My!
Jane started serving some of our tea in February, dine in or to-go [Scottish Breakfast, Maple Honeybush, Meeting of the Mints, AND Wuyi Oolong].  You KNOW you Want a piece of Pie!

Fun with Tea as Art

I’ve been so busy sharing tea and making new plans for sharing tea, I’ve not taken time to update you here.

Tea as beverage, tea in cooking, ….. tea in art? (besides paintings and drawings of people enjoying tea)

On Friday 2/1/13, a new exhibit opened at the Contemporary Art Museum [Jeremy Deller’s “Joy in People”]

Part of the exhibit includes a replica of Valerie’s Snack Bar from Manchester England, and part of the “art” is that complementary tea is served in the exhibit.

Valerie's Snack Bar

Valerie's Snack Bar replica

Guess whose tea is being served?  Every day of the exhibit, through 4/28/13, good tea is being shared.  I was honored to be asked.

As a further tie-in, I provided individual teabags for an art project for Family Day, and this is what Maria created with those.  What Fun?!



Do You Know Where Your Tea Comes From? [aka – What are you using for your kombucha?]

Japan Firm Recalls China Tea on Pesticide Fears

by Naharnet Newsdesk 12/11/2012

Japanese food company Ito En on Tuesday issued a huge recall of Chinese-grown tea after some of it was found to contain illegal levels of pesticide residue.

The firm said it was recalling about 400,000 packages of Oolong tea after spot testing revealed pesticide residue levels above Japanese food safety limits.

Ito En said it started testing the tea from China’s southern Fujian province after another Japanese teamaker announced last month it had found similarly high pesticide levels in its China-sourced tea.

“We found the higher levels of pesticide residue after conducting voluntary tests following another company’s announcement about Oolong teabags,” an Ito En spokesman told Agence France Presse.

But he insisted the findings were not an imminent health risk, adding that the firm had not received any complaints from customers.

The spokesman said the tea had passed sample testing performed in China, which has been hit by a string of food safety scandals in recent years.

Ito En said it may strengthen its testing of the traditional-style Oolong tea and has sent company officials to China to investigate the matter.

“We will suspend sales of the relevant products until we find out the cause,” he said.

The tea under recall has expiry dates from mid to late November 2013.

Excerpted from article here


All our oolongs are independently 3rd party tested and certified organic.

We know you can find cheaper tea….can you trust it?  Email or call to discuss bulk purchasing (8-16 oz or more)

Green Tea a Useful Disinfectant

04 Oct 2012

By World Tea News

SEOUL, South Korea

As the flu season approaches, tea drinkers can take comfort in the fact that green tea may provide additional protection.

Researchers at the Yonsei University’s Department of Biotechnology at the College of Life Science and Biotechnology tested green tea solutions in various concentrations and discovered tea killed the influenza virus on skin.

All concentrations were effective against the flu virus, including the one with the lowest concentration, according to lead researcher Woo-Jin Shin.  Viruses on skin containing the virus that was treated with a control (PBS) remained, but even weak green tea solutions proved effective.

Skin was exposed to one green tea bag per 120 mL of hot water at the low end and two and three bags per 120 mL to test higher concentrations.

Researchers conclude that using green tea solution as a hand disinfectant, gargling with tea and drinking tea could be a useful way to prevent transmission of the flu virus.

The study was published in the journal Bioscience, Biotechnology, and Biochemistry.

Source: Digital Journal

New Tea Service Review Campaign

Due to a recent disappointing experience, and because there are so many teas available and it is impossible for Traveling Tea to provide everything to everyone, and in keeping with our motto: “Sharing Good Times ~ Sharing Good Tea©”, I’ve decided to start a review of tea service at local restaurants and cafés.

It is the least I can do, to aid my customers (and other tea drinkers) to have the best experience possible when Traveling Tea is not being served.

I have devised “star award” criteria, and as I make my way through various establishments, the findings will be posted on this “Tea Service Reviews” page. I invite YOU to email your experiences and findings to me as well, so we can create a more comprehensive list. [You can also post on our Facebook page and I will transfer the details here.]

I award stars based upon the following criteria:

*Loose leaf (vs. bagged…..there are some better brands of bagged teas, and they will get their star for that if appropriate)

*Brand Selection, e.g. organic/fair trade/good reputation of company (environment and people)

*Description/Variety of teas (is there a “tea menu”; how are the teas described? And what sort of choices do you have?)

*Presentation & Steeping method (cup or pot on table, appropriate water temp)

*Value (can you get add’l cup? resteep)

5 STARS means they give comparable attention to their tea, as they do their coffee and/or wine (relative to the establishment)

It is my hope that as we, together, put attention on communicating our desire for the same quality of product that is given to coffee and wine connoisseurs (and appreciating those who DO provide it), we will encourage more establishments to “step up their game”.

Tea Publicity!

There is nothing more exciting for a new business owner than getting unsolicited publicity.  It sends a thrill of excitement through the veins; especially when friends notice it for you and share their congrats.

I can’t adequately convey what went through me Tuesday morning when several friends emailed to say they’d seen Traveling Tea mentioned in “The Daily Sauce” (see below).  Unsolicited praise does a body good! 

Thank you to those lovely, secretive shoppers from Sauce Magazine.sauce logo



Tea to You

Kateri Meyer is a tea toddler and proud of it. Her new business, Traveling Tea, will have you sipping teas by the teapot. For years, she explains on her Web site, she wanted to see a good tea shop. Like all good entrepreneurs, she stopped talking and just did it. While you can taste her selection of mostly organic and fair-traded loose-leaf teas from India, China and Japan – to name just a few – Saturdays at the Tower Grove Farmers’ Market, Meyer wants to bring tea to you. Traveling Tea can provide fresh-brewed tea at any public event. How about an in-house tea party for a few of your best friends? What a fun way to learn about tea and sample new flavors. And the best part of all, no one will have to buy cookware, candles or wine.

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